Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 3- Tuesday: Technique Challenge #4

Today, we have a couple of hand-lettering techniques to share with you! Hand-lettering a title, a phrase or a sentiment is a great way to add custom, unique flair to your projects.

Katie's Card: This isn't really a brand new technique, I saw it in a magazine years ago but I love using it. I created a DIY for you guys. After I had written out my sentiment, I colored in between the waves with watercolor pencils, and I think the overall effect is cute and whimsical. :)

 Step 1. Draw wavy lines of your paper.
 2. Write your sentiment or journaling in between the wavy lines, extending and shrinking the size of your letters as you go.

Emily's Project Life cards: I love Katie's DIY, but I wanted to share an example of my own style of hand-lettering for some additional inspiration. I recently started Project Life and I knew from the get-go that I wanted to make sure I used a lot of my own handwriting and hand-lettering in my spreads. This challenge came at the perfect time - I whipped up a couple of cards for the spread I'm working on right now. This style of hand-lettering is based on my regular handwriting with a bit of extra flair. Once I have photos printed for this spread, I'm going to add coordinating color to these cards with watercolors.

Today's challenge is to add hand-lettering to a project of yours. You can use one of the styles we've shared or come up with your own! For additional inspiration, please check out some of our favorite hand-letter-ers: Molly Frances Porter, Kal Barteski, Suzy Plantamura.


  1. Ok, I forgot to link up, but I had a blast doing this technique--thanks for inspiring me!