Friday, April 26, 2013

Freebie Friday #2: Organizing Your Washi Collection

Here at Paper Lovers Studio, we share a free printable for you to download every other Friday.

Today's download is by Emily:

I wanted to share something a little different, so instead of something you can use on a scrapbook page, I've made up something that will help you keep track of all the washi tape you own! Washi tape is extremely popular at the moment, and I have seen scrappers admitting to owning upwards of 100 rolls sometimes! Personally, I only have about 30, and it's still hard for me to remember what every roll looks like when I'm trying to decide if I want to add some to a page. So I designed a simple chart that will allow you to always have a small sample of each of your tapes at hand, without having to pull out every roll while you're working.


How Emily used the chart:
I keep my washi organized by brand, so I printed off three of the charts and filled in the "category" blank with the three brands of tape I own. Then I just stuck down small samples of my tapes into the boxes on the chart and added a few written details (width, color, pattern, if I had multiple rolls, etc). I store my charts in page protectors at the back of my current album.

I think it could also be very useful to print these charts out on transparencies, if you're able to. That way you can actually hold the sheet up to your layout and see how each tape might look on your page!

How Katie used the chart: I loved Emily's idea to sort them by brand but I really don't have enough washi tape to sort mine like that. So, I decided to sort mine by color and wrote in what brand each tape was next to it. I split my washi tape into 2 color schemes- Blues/Greens and Pinks/Reds. This works best for me, I think.