Thursday, May 2, 2013

Art Journal Technique Challenge

Once in awhile here at Paper Lovers Studio we do Bonus Challenges, which means that we will be challenging you to do a paper craft other than a layout! Today's bonus challenge is an Art Journal Challenge.

Instead of a journaling prompt, it's an art journal technique prompt. What technique? Combining Paper, Paint and Ink. I'm sure you've used all three mediums in your layout at some point, but have you tried using them all together to create fun patterns and designs?

Katie's Art Journal: There are so many different styles of art journaling and this technique can be used in so many different ways. Instead of doing something busy like my page, you could also do a more simple approach, just adding a little but of paint+paper+ink.
 How to: 1. Cut shapes from your paper and adhere to page. 2. Outline with different colors of paint and a small brush. 3. Let dry. 4. Using a pen doodle around your designs, drawing random patterns, etc.

Emily's Art Journal: I had a lot of fun with this technique prompt! My usual style is more just collage with paper, but I have been wanting to paint in my journal more often lately, so this was a perfect way to experiment.


  1. very creative as usual!

  2. Love the cut paper circles, quite inventive use of a simple material! xox