Friday, May 31, 2013

Featured Projects!

We only had one entry into the past few challenges, but it's a fantastic one!

Anita was inspired by the Scraplift Challenge for her layout:

We really love doing the challenges but we're curious, What would you like to see that would encourage you to enter the challenges more? We'd really love to see more of your projects.


  1. I think if you have a more solid schedule as to when you post what type of challenges it might help. For example a new sketch or color challenge every Tuesday and a wild card one on Thursday. I can usually only do one layout a week (I like to make complicated pages) and sometimes even doing that is difficult, so I mostly would just enter the challenge types I like the best and would mostly look out for that one kind only. The second suggestion I have to make sure your challenges are clear and share a common goal. Kill a kit is an interesting concept and it is fun to see you put a kit together, but doesn't really translate well into a challenge. Part of the fun is comparing how you interpret one idea with others and everyone's kit would be so very different from others that there really isn't enough common ground (I hope that made sense). Anyways, I hope that helps!

  2. My favourite challenge is actually the kill a kit challenge. :) The reason that I don't participate is because I don't have a lot of supplies atm. I'm trying to fix that though ;)

  3. I love all of your challenges! I'm just starting out, and don't have very many supplies. I'm trying to build up my collection, but it's pretty costly and I'm on a strict budget for the next few months. What about a challenge that uses common household materials? Like most people have printer paper and markers. (I'm also working 2 jobs right now, but I'll be done with one in July, so there will be plenty of time to challenge myself!) All in all, I think y'all are doing just fine! :) ~Rachel

  4. This layout is cute! I would love to participate in more challenges, but I get so busy and forget to check the blog. An email reminder/newsletter of what challenges are going on would be just what I need!

  5. Are these challenges for layouts only? Or could I enter the challenge by creating a tag or card or some other media project? I couldn't fit anything stating either way explicitly. Thank you.

    1. Sarah, feel free to enter a challenge with any kind of project. As long as you've been inspired by the prompt somehow, it's totally open to interpretation!